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In today’s article we are going to be talking to you about some of the advanced techniques you can use for search engine optimization. There are many things you can do when it comes to search engine optimization and there are a lot of secrets that people don’t know that they can do on the backside of their website called black hat tricks. These are doing things like building a private blog networks, doing the copycat back linking method, and for him commenting and blog commenting.

here is a video explaining some seo tricks. As you notice in the video you will see that these are very good methods.


Blog commenting-what commenting is where you go and comment on blogs that have to do with the niche you are trying to rank your site in and it gets a visible and clickable link on that blog. The more links you can have on people sites, the stronger the power your site is going to have. Although beware that this is not a huge and powerful search engine optimization trick. You will have to do a lot of these to get good power for your site. What we recommend is that you do a couple hundred and maybe 5 to 10 a day for the next 30 to 40 days. You want to make sure that you are only commenting on blogs that are relevant to the subject that your site is about though or else you might be getting spammed me links to your website. If you start getting negative things on your site that is not a good thing.

Private blog network-this is probably the most powerful search engine optimization trick you can do. This is where you take expired domains that have authority and you build them up again and link them back to your website. This will be the fastest way you could ever get a website ranked because you are manipulating what is happening to your site essentially. Building up a private club network can be sort of confusing as there are quite a few steps do it. We will break it down for you into something easy though. Basically what you do is you find expired domains with a high trust low and high domain authority. When you have found a director mange you want to go ahead and buy those and then go and register them with a place like go daddy or name cheap. Once you have done that you want to install word press on the blogs and start building them up. Once you have about five posts on it then you will be ready to point a link to your desired website. You can’t point more than one link per day because that is too aggressive with Google. Once you have them all pointed, if they are not raking your site yet you want to get more. Just keep pointing three links a week until your site is number one. It is that simple, but be aware that this method might cost you quite a bit of money because most domains are going to run you about $100 to buy.

The copycat method-the last method for search engine optimization tricks that we have for you is the copycat method. This is when you go and look at the back links and referring domains that your competitors have and then you get the same ones. What do you want to do is do one of these every single day until you are ranked number one. The best thing you could do is tie all of these tricks together and make them power on top of each other. That is the best way that you’re going to get to the first spot the fastest way possible.

We hope you liked what we had to share with you today and please stay tuned if you would like to hear more in the future. Or for past posts here.

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