The basic fundamentals of search engine optimization

Seo basics

The first thing we would like to go over is what search engine optimization actually is. Search engine optimization or SEO is getting your website optimized to rank in Google. This means that your website meets Google’s  formula and criteria for how it is going to rank the site. This means that Google sees your site as most relevant for the topic that is being served so it will rank it as number one. Search engine optimization is a very simple concept and it is broken down into a few different aspects. You have front end, and back end.  On the front and there is quality content and relative pictures to make the website relative to the term that is being searched. And then there is back and search engine optimization where you get links out from other influential sites and things of that nature. to really get your website on the first page of Google you have to make sure that you are getting the proper back end things done to your website.  This means getting other people to link out to you. That is the most powerful thing you can do when it comes to the backside. The best thing you can do on the front side is make sure that your content is completely optimized for the terms that are being searched. So if your website is all about carpet cleaning, you want to make sure that the content is Rich about that subject and interlaced with all of the different keywords that Are being searched.  This sounds like a lot right now probably but it is actually very simple. The most important part about raking website is that you have that good content. And if you keep adding more and more content it is going to make it even easier for you to rank. The more relevancy a website has two it’s subject, the faster it is going to get picked up by Google and ranked in the number one spot. So if you have a blog  and you are putting a post to it every day, Google is going to see that as highly relevant because you’re talking all about that subject.

The basic strategy of ranking website is to just give it a little bit of love every single day. Just a little dab every day will get you where you need to be. If you do things to drastically then it is going to look suspicious to Google and you might get slapped for it meaning blacklisted and DEindexed.  The types of search engine optimization tricks that will do that are the really fishy backside things like building a private blog networks which is something you should do but you have to be careful on. On that subject we will be sharing details about it in a different post because it is too much to share in this one. But if you want to keep it safe the best thing to do is  just keep putting out that relevant content on a daily basis.

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