The effects YouTube videos have on your website.

Hello everybody and today we are going to be talking about the effects that are YouTube video can have on your website and it’s ranking. a YouTube video is actually something that is going to boost the ranking of your site so much  they ranked 56 times faster in themselves. It is probably the number 1S EO trick you can put to your website.  There are certain reasons why it is very important to have a YouTube video on your site.

Boost overall ranking– you want to leverage the power of YouTube videos to rank your site faster.  This will only work if you use your own YouTube videos though. If you’re putting other people’s links on your website then it is not really going to help. If you create your own YouTube video from your account then it will work the best positively on your site.  This is because that they might see other things as a copyrighted shoe so they won’t put it to positively affect your site. Putting somebody else’s YouTube link is not going to negatively affect your site but it will be somewhat of a neutral thing.

Captivate your audience– chances are that if you are looking to put a YouTube video on your website and rank it, then you are meaning for your content to be seen by eyes. One thing YouTube video does is provide a visual on your site so that people will be more captivated by the information that is on it. Nowadays we are very visual people and it is important to us to I have a video or something to look at because we can connect with it so much better.  Your website is boring if it just has content on it. If you have a web sight that has a video on it where none of your competition do, your website is automatically going to stand out!

Those are the reasons why you should have a YouTube video on your website. We have this post was helpful to you today and you should tie this in with all of the other SEO strategies we have been teaching you so far.



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